Different Types of False Ceiling

Different Types of False Ceiling

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Different types of false ceiling are provided beneath the roof slab on frozen affirms. The fictitious celling is generally provided for temperature insulation, to install lights, or to hide electrical and additional networking wires.

It may also be used for the awful or too high ceiling.

The false ceiling is a good illustration of contemporary construction and architecture in both residential and commercial applications.

False ceilings could be differentiated into several types according to their applications, material utilized and appearance and visibility.

Different types of false ceiling on the basis of material used are:-

i) Gypsum False Ceiling

ii) Plaster of Paris False Ceiling

iii) Fiber False Ceiling

iv) Wooden False Ceiling

v) Glass False Ceiling

vi) Metal False Ceiling

vii) Synthetic Leather or Cloth False Ceiling


Different Types of False Ceiling
False Ceiling


Gypsum False Ceiling:-

It is first in the list of different types of false ceiling. Gypsum false ceiling is a sterile sulfate of calcium. This sort of false ceiling is lightweight, solid insulated, fire resistance, soft and thermally insulated.

Gypsum false ceiling stems in the form of square planks which are wrapped with the support of the iron frame. The finishing job on those boards like paints, laminates, wallpapers and feel finish gives the great appearance.


Plaster of Paris False Ceiling:-

It is second in the list of different types of false ceiling. Plaster of Paris (POP) is one of the most popular and majorly used materials in the construction of false ceiling. POP is obtained if gypsum is heated to a certain level. It gives both aesthetical and functional assistance.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling is attractive, virtually no maintenance and has a very long lifespan. They’re extremely excellent insulators or warmth and cold.

These kinds of false ceiling do not only hide the hideous members of construction, ventilation ducts, and conduits but additionally give a smooth finish to the ceiling.


Fiber False Ceiling:-

It is third in the list of different types of false ceiling. Fiber false ceiling is in high demand for the construction of false ceiling thanks to reduced price and marine installation.

The material used to fabricate fiber ceiling panels are mainly produced by synthetic and organic minerals. Because these are manufactured easily and hence they are available in many shapes and sizes.


Wooden False Ceiling:-

It is fourth in the list of different types of false ceiling. The wooden false ceiling is utilized owing to its natural textures and layout. Nowadays this kind of false ceiling is used generally since it gives a nice appearance to the eyes.

Wooden false ceiling being pricey, is not utilized in malls and hospitals, however, may be installed in residential buildings. They are sometimes given various finishes or painted to find the right appearance.


Glass False Ceiling:-

It is fifth in the list of different types of false ceiling. One of the sorts of false ceiling employed in construction is of glass.

It is a non-crystalline material with all the land of brittle and translucent. But this may be changed to make it non-brittle and non-transparent using some admixtures.

As glass is an excellent insulator of heat, it may be utilized for false ceiling. This sort of false ceiling improves the aesthetical appearance of this building.


Metal False Ceiling:-

It is sixth in the list of different types of false ceiling. As metal is really a tough and durable material, it is used extensively in the false ceiling. After the metallic surface is polished it gives a shiny surface which is a treat for eyes.

The compounds used in this are galvanized iron and aluminum. The price of this ceiling is reduced since they’re simple to install and accessibility.

The hidden members of this construction are easily obtained as the panels are easily detachable and reattached. The construction price becomes less as the installation, fixing, and maintenance are reduced.


Synthetic Leather or Cloth False Ceiling:-

It is seventh in the list of different types of false ceiling. The materials utilized in this kind of ceilings are either cloth or leather.

As both the utilized materials are artificial they may be given almost any kind, form and design which improves the aesthetic view of the interior of the building.

As these accumulate dust and contains reduced light transferring property it’s just utilized in temporary tents or other temporary buildings.


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