Fly Ash Bricks: Replacement for Traditional Clay Bricks

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Fly ash bricks are the bricks which are made with the use of fly ash. Fly ash is a byproduct of the coal powered industries or plants which is produced by the burning or combustion of coals. Earlier it was released into the atmosphere by chimney but as the laws to reduce the air pollution became strict, it is being captured before release into the atmosphere with the help of the equipment such as electrostatic precipitators or other particle filtration equipment. The collected fly ash is then sent to the cement industries and fly ash manufacturing industries.

fly ash bricks
fly ash bricks

Manufacturing Process of Fly Ash Bricks

It is manufactured by mixing fly ash, sand/stone dust, lime and gypsum in suitable proportions. Cement can also be used in place of gypsum. These raw materials are mixed properly with the help of water and transferred to moulding machines. Moulded bricks are then cured for at least 14 days. To know more about the manufacturing process click here.

Uses of Fly Ash  Bricks

  1. It can be used for masonry works.

Advantages of Using Fly Ash Bricks

  1. Production cost is less up to 30% than clay bricks due to use of waste material fly ash.
  2. Compressive strength is more than clay bricks.
  3. Eco-friendly as it used the waste product fly ash for their production.
  4. Less water absorption of about 20% than traditional red clay bricks.
  5. More durable than clay bricks as fly ash imparts better properties to the bricks.
  6. Less mortar consumption, when used for masonry works such as the construction of walls.
  7. Lightweight than clay bricks due to use of fly ash.
  8. Less wastage during transportation due to its high strength.
  9. Better thermal insulation than clay bricks.
  10. Reduces the overall cost of the construction.


Fly ash bricks can be used as the replacement of red clay bricks as it offers better properties and due to its various advantages that it offers. It is also eco-friendly and hence help in the sustenance of the environment. Fly ash bricks are superior to traditional red clay bricks. Similarly, we can also use stone dust as an alternative to sand.



Fly Ash Bricks: Replacement for Traditional Clay Bricks
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Fly Ash Bricks: Replacement for Traditional Clay Bricks
This article emphasize the advantages of fly ash bricks over traditional red clay bricks.
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