Which is the Best Cement for Roof in India?

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I think you will agree with me when I say:

It’s really hard to select the best cement for a roof in India if you are in the market to choose one.

Almost every cement looks same, but indeed, they are different.

Best Cement for Roof in India

When it comes to the selection of the right cement for your RCC roofing structure you need to be careful to select the best cement and you can find many good cement products that are especially suitable for concrete usage.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best cement for roof construction in India & after reading this article, you will probably never have to think twice before choosing the best cement for your roof in India.

Let’s get started:

Ambuja Plus Roof Special Cement

First in this list is one of the best cement products that is made especially for Roofing applications. This product is a result of years of research and manufactured with the advanced SPE Technology and is capable of keeping your home leak proof for years to come. The Ambuja Plus comes with the instant Mix proportioning and is most ideal for roofing operations.

This specially formulated Cement for roof comes with more silicate gel and the SPE technology with which this cement is made, makes this cement

  • Give high-density concrete
  • Add strength to the roof
  • Easy to finish the construction as you want
  • Leakproof roof for longer life to the building

Price: Rs. 52,000/100 bags (according to Amazon.in)

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Shree Roofon Concrete Master Cement

This is special cement for the roofing applications. This is specially formulated with the right material that is making this cement ideal for roofing with high strength and 100% leak-proof properties. This adds more life to your home and durability to the building far better than other ordinary grades of cement.

Price: Rs. 365/bag (according to IndiaMart.com)

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RAMCO Supercrete

This is a blended cement complying with the IS 1489 Standard and is specially made for high-performance concrete applications. Hence this is highly suitable for RCC Roofing structures.

The desirous features of Ramco Supercrete cement are:

  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • ‘Quick setting 
  • Easy workability 
  • Increased strength
  • Extra-long durability
  • Fully compatible with M-SAND 

Some of the Advantages of using Supercrete for Roofing operations include:

  • High Compressive strength as it offers the compressive strength of an OPC 53-grade cement
  • Offers high workability as it has a higher quality of pozzolanic material
  • Offer extra durability as it resists the formation of cracks due to low heat of hydration

Price: 425/Bag (according to IndiaMart.com)

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ACC Concrete+ Xtra Strong

It is yet another good choice for roof concretes and this is a specially formulated product offering unique binding properties and extra high strength to the construction. This is a perfect cement product not only for roof construction but also for foundations, columns, beams, and roofs. This comes in attractive tamper-proof packing for longer shelf- life.

Price: 330/Bag (according to IndiaMart.com)

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Wonder Cement PPC

It is a product of the future, and it is made by a fully automated, dry manufacturing process. As this is a product manufactured by inter-grinding well-burnt OPC Clinker with gypsum and pozzolanic materials like power-station fly ash or siliceous earth this offers extraordinary binding qualities and is corrosion-free. It easily binds with steel and hence is the perfect match for your RCC Roofing structures.

The advantages and features of this Roofing cement include:

  • Extra-long durability due to less water permeability 
  • Non- reactive to the alkalis, sulfates, chlorides and other corrosive chemicals adding to the strength and life of the building
  • As it has extra fine granule structure it is easy to work with and can be molded into any structure
  • Gives out very minimum heat of hydration 
  • Due to the extra smaller granule structure, it offers better cohesion with aggregates and gives out higher density to the concrete
  • Can be worked at lower water-cement ratio and hence it is possible to get the best possible compressive strength to the concrete
  • Can get the superior surface finish

Price: 270/Bag (according to IndiaMart.com)

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Binani Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC)

This is yet another good cement for roof in India from Binani Industries. This is an environmentally friendly and economical product for all the roofing and other RCC concrete works. This offers great resistance to the aggressive waters and hence it is the best choice for critical and mass concreting works.  

Advantages of this high-quality cement include: 

  • High compressive strength
  • Consistency in quality

RAASI Concrete from India Cements

The Raasi Concrete is one of the established Cement products from India Cements. This cement complies with all the required IS standards and offers the best types of compressive strength and impressive setting times so that it is possible to meet any type of construction requirement.

This cement can be used in any aggressive environment as it is designed to resist the sulfate and other chemical attacks thereby enhancing the lifetime of the construction many times than the ordinary cement. This prevents the deterioration of the building condition even after a considerable time.

This cement can be used in any type of mix design and it is found to give the uniform strength to the structure in all mix ratios. Hence it is easy to plan the application of the product in any environment and even it can withstand minor anomalies in the mixing ratios.

This cement is easy to work with due to its extremely small granule structure and its high workability is complimented by its quicker setting time for optimum performance in the concrete structure.

It needs curing for at least 7 days, and it must be maintained in a continually moist condition and the curing should begin as soon as the surface finishing is completed. Curing for longer periods will add to the strength and hardness of the concrete structure.

MyCem Concrete Max

This is cement specially made for concrete applications and is known for its extra strength and superior quality. This is a fly-ash based cement and complies with the IS 1489 standards and is manufactured from high strength Portland cement clinker blended with high-quality fly ash.

This cement is more suitable for RCC roofing operations as it offers superior quality with a higher degree of weather resistance. The reduced water permeability gives higher waterproofing ability thereby enhancing the quality of construction. This Heidelberg Cement is the best part of your concrete adding the required amounts of strength and durability to your home.


Although there are many types of cement available in the market for roofing purposes, selecting a specially created cement for this purpose will have its own benefits and advantages. Therefore, I would advise you to select the above-listed cement for roofing purposes as there are some of the best cement for the roof in India.

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