Which is the Best Cement for Slab in India?

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Concrete is one of the most important parts of any construction, and we need to be very careful in selecting the right cement for your construction.

In the present day, the cement technology has advanced much and with so many brands of cement competing with each other, they are introducing special types of cement for every specific use in the construction.

Each of these special-purpose cement comes with their special characteristics making them the best fit for the purpose for which they are manufactured.

In any construction, the concrete slabs are one of the most basic of the structures and they give the building the shape and strength they need. And, in this article, we are going to discuss the various types of cement used for concrete slab construction and understand which is the best cement for slab in India.

Best Cement for Slab Construction

Concrete Slab Construction
Concrete Slab

There are mainly two types of cement which are commonly used for slab construction. There are:

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC Cement)
  2. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC Cement)

The Ordinary Portland cement or OPC is a cement mixture of 95% Cement clinkers added with a 5% gypsum. On the other hand, Pozzolana Portland cement or PPC is made by mixing 75 to 77% Cement clinker with 20% fly ash and 3 to 5 % gypsum.

Of these, the OPC is used in the construction of big structures that need very high strength and longer lifetimes like factories, power plants, etc.

And, PPC is used in the construction of residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other types of utility structures, as it is cheaper to build these types of buildings with the Pozzolana Portland cement.

Why Choose PPC Cement for Concrete Slab Construction?

UltraTech PPC Cement
UltraTech PPC Cement

Though both OPC and PPC are used in concrete for slabs, PPC is better than the other due to the following reasons:

  • PPC contains fly ash and hence offers greater strength to the slab and hence eco-friendly
  • It is resistant to sulfonation and is not affected by exposure to chemical substances or natural elements like air and water
  • It costs less than OPC and hence economical to use
  • Gives a uniform surface and it is easy to cast into any shape giving the ability to design the slabs in any shape and thickness as per the requirements of the construction project
  • PPC Cement is completely crack proof and resists the formation of cracks after it is poured into the slab and this is one of the most important properties of PPC that makes it good for slabs
  • PPC takes more time to set and gives out very less heat during the curing process, as the cracking of cement in the concrete is directly proportional to the amount of heat it gives out PPC is better than OPC for slabs
  • PPC Cement requires less care while curing and hence it is easy to use in slabs
  • PPC Cement offers the best quality of construction, more strength to the structure with lesser labor and hence the Pozzolana Portland cement is the better for slabs

Thus, we recommend using Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) as it is the best cement for slab construction.

However, the strength of the concrete is more dependent on the mix of the cement, sand, and aggregate, and the type and quality of curing available.

Always adhere to the advice of your structural engineer before deciding on the type of cement for your building.

Other than the type of cement to be used for casting slabs, one should choose the Best Cement in India for construction purposes.

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