How to Get Ready to Build Your Own Home

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If you’ve taken the decision to build your own house – you probably know it’s a big one. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Before you start – make sure you’ve got all these things in check so that the building process can be as stress-free as possible.


Make sure your finances are in order

First and foremost, you need to be able to afford to build your property. It can be expensive, but it might end up being cheaper than actually buying a house – that’s why many people are choosing this option, so they can build the house of their dreams that they couldn’t afford to buy.

However, one big issue is that mortgages for self-builds are much harder, or even impossible to get. So make sure you’ve got enough for it from other sources.

Also be aware that most builds go over what you thought they were going to cost, so make sure you’ve got extra for contingency. You’ll also need to pay to live somewhere else while the build takes place.

Get a quality architect

It’s difficult to know which order to put these first few points in as they all need to be done alongside each other. In order to know the costs, you’ll need to know things like how much the land is going to cost and especially what the design you choose will cost to build.

To do this, you’ll need a quality architect. Don’t just pick the first one you find – talk to them, check their portfolio, and even visit their previous work to really make sure they can deliver what you want. After you’ve got your architect, work alongside them to come up with an affordable plan that you’re both happy with.

To make your build a bit easier, you might want to consider a minimalist prefab house instead of a complete, self-build.

Get the right land

Have you got a piece of land that’s suitable for your build, and that you can afford? This might be the most important step, and it arguably comes before even finding an architect.

Make sure you’ve got full planning

Planning permission can be difficult in some areas and easy in others. If you’re struggling, you might want to consider a planning consultant. You may also have to work with multiple revisions from your architect before you get a plan that everyone is happy with.

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Make sure your project is managed

If you are going to manage the build yourself, you may need experience – and you’ll also have to take time off work. Otherwise, you can hire a project manager. Make sure you get a good one and one you can afford.

Make sure you’ve got tradespeople lined up

As well as the all-important building contractor, you’ll also want to have quality electricians, plumbers and other trades lined up for when the build is under-way.

Make sure you’ve got somewhere else to live

This is one thing many people forget when they start planning their build. You’re going to need to live somewhere while it’s taking place.

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