Exciting Career Paths for Civil Engineering Students

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Civil Engineering is the first and the most ancient branch of Engineering to have flourished even before Anno Domini or the first century.

The majestic Pyramids of Egypt were built by Imhotep, the first acknowledged civil engineer in history around 2600 B.C.

Planning, management, and construction of buildings, roads, railways and bridges is the primary responsibility of a civil engineer.

This branch of engineering is such that its demand only grows with time.

For Civil Engineering graduates, the conventional career path is to join an engineering firm and subsequently work on projects from constructing apartments, offices, houses to buildings dams, bridges and other utility infrastructures.

Let us discuss the other career path for civil engineering graduates to pursue.

Construction Engineer

construction engineer
construction engineer

Design, management and supervision of the construction projects like buildings, roads, bridges, etc are the primary responsibility of a construction engineer. As civil engineers, in addition to supervising construction activities,  the job responsibilities include finalizing construction procedures, budget, resources as well as considering environmental factors and gauging the strength of the structure for natural disasters. For that purpose, you will work with architects, construction managers, planners, and surveyors.

Average salary – Rs 444,000


Structural Engineer


If creation is your forte, you have a bright future as a structural engineer. Since they are responsible for designing structures elements like the beams and columns of a construction. They are specially trained in building bridges, tunnels, railways, etc., and act as consultants for architects or contractors.

As a structural engineer, you will be responsible for designing the structure and for also suggesting structural changes if the building is old and dilapidated. To make the choice of structural systems and materials, is your decision, also taking into consideration natural factors like snow and wind.  Structural engineers are responsible for teaming up with materials engineers and environmental engineers.

An alternative career for a Structural Engineer is getting a Master’s in Architecture, either after a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering or after a degree in Architecture.

Average Salary –  Rs 490,100


Design Engineer

Civil Drawings
Civil Drawings

Civil Engineers who specialize in design, consult with the client to understand the entire project and analyze the finer details before the commencement of the project, be it a road, bridge or a new edifice.

Design engineers kick-start the project and usually collaborate with other designers to create drawings necessary for prototyping and production of a project. CAD or Computer Aided Design help in building physical 3D models nowadays.

A design engineer is the one who smartly amalgamates his creativity with engineering expertise.

Average Salary – Rs 359,911


Water Resources Engineers


Water Resource Engineers are civil engineers who are in charge of developing equipment and systems for water resource management facilities. They are responsible for the design, management and maintenance of these systems. Water resources engineers also create systems for pumping out water from the flooded areas to evaluate storm drainage and flooding. They usually work in close association with the government bodies to help plan for appropriate water use, supply and treatment.

The job responsibility includes teaming with structural engineers as well to gather information about the construction of dams and reservoirs.

Average Salary – Rs 365,316 


Building Control Surveyor


Main duties of a Building Control Engineer is to inspect and test foundations, structures, drawings, and much more of a construction and verify that it abides by the rules and regulations of the building.

In case, if the building does not meet all the necessary requirements, you will have to suggest a solution that eliminates safety risks while avoiding delays and extra expenses or to propose demolition.

Their job role also entails the surveying of alterations, installations and extensions to check for public health, safety, sustainability, accessibility and design.

After getting a degree in  Master’s in Materials Engineering, you can also develop a career in the building control area.

Average Salary: Rs 477,000


Quantity Surveyor

quantity surveying
quantity surveying

The work of a civil engineer as Quantity Surveyor is mainly that of a consultant who is involved in finding solutions to minimize the costs of a project, while still keeping the required standards and quality. His job involves keeping track of labour cost escalation, if any, monitoring each step, making financial estimates for clients and advising them on legal and contractual matters.

Average Salary – Rs 366,266


Site Engineer

site engineer
site engineer

The job responsibility of a site engineer and site manager overlap many times. They are responsible for managing construction projects termed as packages. They provide technical advice, supervise staff on site and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Key skills of a Site Engineer include commercial awareness for the profitability of the project, teamwork and communication, technical skills, and management skills for troubleshooting.

Average Salary – ₹353,993


Some other career prospects for civil engineers include Sustainability Consultant, Roller Coaster Designer, Technical Content Writer, an Entrepreneur.


Sustainability Consultant

Civil Engineers work in the building and construction industry and as Sustainability Consultant, they find sustainable solutions for the project that will have minimal impact on the environment. These solutions include, but are not limited to advising businesses on green building, natural resource conservation, achieve carbon neutrality, etc.

Average Salary – $135,195


Technical Content Writer

If you are keen on writing, there is a great demand for technical content writers with IT companies. You could start your career as a freelancer as well.

Average Salary – Rs 300,000


Engineering Geologists, Nuclear Engineers, etc. make other important and esteemed positions. However, it is better to make a career in these while staying in countries where they are more in demand, for example – The United States


Engineering Geologist

Engineering geologists are civil engineers who are responsible for assessing the integrity of soil, rock, groundwater and other natural conditions, before the commencement of the work. They advise on the procedures required for such developments and the suitability of appropriate construction materials. The role is to identify and deal with geological factors that could affect engineering works.

Average Salary – $65,000


Nuclear Engineers

Civil Engineers employed on nuclear sites are called Nuclear Engineers. They are responsible for developing the process, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation.

Nuclear Engineers are employed in nuclear plants where they are engaged in designing and developing nuclear equipment and look into all the factors for meeting safety standards. They also devise operating instructions for maintenance, handling and disposing of nuclear waste. Regular monitoring and performance of experiments to test method of using nuclear material, reclaiming nuclear fuel and taking corrective measures are a part of their job profile. They also examine and study nuclear accidents and gather data that can be used to design preventive measures.

Average Salary – $98,665



You can rake up your brains as an entrepreneur to make your project successful. Whether you start a construction company or offer consultancy, the choice is yours.


The choice is varied and quite exciting as well. It is always better to arrive at the final decision after making a detailed study of all the choices available, including going for Masters.


Guest Author – The blog is presented by Sharda University. Sharda University is one of the largest universities in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) offering 216 varied programmes.



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