What is the difference between OPC and PPC Cement?

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OPC & PPC Cement are the widest used cement in residential & commercial constructions.

While both the cement can be used for the house construction, but which one do you prefer?

In this article, I going to uncover the differences between OPC and PPC Cement and help you understand which one to choose.

Let’s get started:

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement
Difference between OPC and PPC Cement

What is PPC Cement?

The full form of PPC is Portland Pozzolana Cement. PPC Cement is made by adding the pozzolana materials such as fly ash, volcanic ash, etc. with grey cement.

What is OPC Cement?

The full form of OPC is Ordinary Portland Cement. OPC Cement is 100% grey cement. OPC Cement is available in 3 different grades namely: 33 Grade, 43 Grade & 53 Grade.

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement

Below is the table comparing the two:

PropertyPPC CementOPC Cement
Setting TimePPC Cement has higher setting time in comparison to OPCLower setting time in comparison to PPC
Grade of CementPPC Cement is available in only 1 grade (Comparable to OPC 43 Grade)OPC Cement is available in 3 different grades: 33 Grade, 43 Grade & 53 Grade
Environment FriendlyUse of industrial & natural waste during the manufacturing process of PPC Cement makes it more environment friendlyOPC Cement is not environment friendly as it releases large amount of CO2 during the time of manufacturing
Resistance to ChemicalsPPC Cement has better resistance to chemicalsOPC Cement has less resistance to chemicals
Initial Strength (after 7 days)Initial strength of PPC Cement after 7 days is lower than OPC CementInitial strength of OPC Cement after 7 days is higher than PPC Cement
Final Strength (after 28 days)Final strength of PPC Cement (after 28 days) is comparable to OPC 43 Grade CementFinal Strength of OPC Cement (43 grade) is same as PPC Cement
DurabilityPPC Cement more durable in long runOPC Cement is less durable in long run
Popular ApplicationsResidential Construction, Mass Concreting, Marine ConstructionHigh-rise buildings, Roads, Bridges, Flyovers, Defense Structures
Heat of HydrationPPC Cement releases less heat during the constructionOPC Cement releases more heat in comparison to PPC Cement

Which Cement is better for Residential House Construction?

We recommend using PPC Cement for residential house construction up to 3 floors as it offers better durability & resistance to chemicals. For high, rise buildings, the use of OPC Cement is recommended.

Along with the type of cement, it is also necessary to choose the best cement company, check out my guide on Top 10 Cement Companies in India to know more about the best cement companies.

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