Different types of Cement used in Construction

Searching for the List of Different Types of Cement used in Construction?

After reading this article, you will have in-depth knowledge about the different types of cement available in the market.

In this Article, I will explain each and every type of cement which is available in the market in India.

different types of cement

So, let’s start with the names of Different Types of Cement:-

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement
  2. Portland Pozzolana Cement
  3. Rapid Hardening Cement
  4. Quick setting cement
  5. Low Heat Cement
  6. Sulfates resisting cement
  7. Blast Furnace Slag Cement
  8. High Alumina Cement
  9. White Cement
  10. Colored cement
  11. Air Entraining Cement
  12. Hydrophobic cement

Ordinary Portland Cement

opc cement
OPC Cement

This type of cement is widely used everywhere. OPC comes in three different grades viz. Grade 33, Grade 43 and Grade 53.

The Grade 33 cement is used for construction works which are of less importance. Grade 43 provides good strength and hence is used widely for residential constructions. Grade 53 cement is used for huge structures or high rise buildings.

Pozzolana Portland Cement

ppc cement
PPC Cement

The cement which contains pozzolanic material as its one of the constituents is known as Portland Pozzolana Cement.

These are being widely used nowadays for residential construction works due to its benefits over Ordinary Portland Cement and low heat evolution.

Rapid Hardening Cement

rapid hardening cement
rapid hardening cement

It is used where high strength is required at early stages. This cement is made by increasing the lime content of the Ordinary Portland Cement at the time of manufacturing.

It is used where formwork is to be removed in very less time, places where concreting is done in cold weather, construction of rigid pavements, and in industries where precast concrete structures are made.

Quick Setting Cement

quick setting cement
quick setting cement

This cement sets very quickly after its application. It is made by adding a small percentage of aluminium sulfate and reducing the content of gypsum in Ordinary Portland Cement with the fine grinding of the mix at the time of manufacturing.

It is used in rainy season and in places where water cannot be prevented from coming into contact with the cement.

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Low Heat Cement

low heat cement
low heat cement

This cement produces very less heat when used for concreting or plastering. It is produced by reducing the content of tricalcium aluminate at the time of manufacturing of Ordinary Portland cement.

It is used for mass concreting where a large amount of heat can cause cracks in concrete.

Sulfates Resisting Cement

sulphate resistant cement
sulphate resistant cement

It provides better resistance against the sulfates which are present in water. It is made by limiting the amount of tricalcium aluminate below the 6% at the time of manufacturing of Ordinary Portland Cement.

It is used in the environments where concrete is exposed to high concentrations of sulfates in water.

Blast Furnace Slag Cement

portland blast furnace slag cement
Portland blast furnace slag cement

Blast Furnace Slag is a waste obtained from furnace slag. It is made by mixing furnace slag more than 60% in the clinker.

It is used where economic consideration is of utmost importance.

High Alumina Cement

high alumina cement
high alumina cement

This types of Cement is obtained by melting mixture of lime and bauxite and grinding it with clinker. It is mainly used in concrete which has to withstand high temperature, frost, and acidic actions.

White Portland Cement

White Portland Cement
White Portland Cement

The white colour of the cement is obtained by decreasing the amount of chromium, manganese, iron, copper, vanadium, nickel and titanium in the Grey cement to as low as possible.

Its characteristics are almost same as Grey Cement in terms of strength and other properties. This cement is mainly used for precast concrete production and architectural works.

Coloured cement

coloured cement
coloured cement

It is manufactured by adding pigments in the Ordinary Portland Cement. They are generally used for decorative purposes.

Air Entraining Cement

air entrained concrete
air entrained concrete

It is made by mixing air entraining agents during grinding. This type of cement is used mainly to overcome the frost action on concrete.

Hydrophobic cement

hydrophobic cement
hydrophobic cement

It is made by adding water repelling agents in the cement. This type of cement is generally used for water retaining structures.

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