Different Types of Partition Walls

Depending on the material used, different types of partition walls are:-

  • Brick partition wall
  • Concrete partition wall
  • Hollow partition wall
  • Glass partition
  • Block Board/Plywood partition

Brick partition wall

First on the list is brick partition wall. It could possibly be assembled with plain bricks. These kinds of walls are made by laying bricks as stretchers in cement mortar.

Hence the wall is usually 10 cm (single brick wall) or 20 cm (double brick wall) thick and plastered considerably on the two faces. If properly assembled, it is considerably strong and fire resistant.

Brick Partition Wall
Brick Partition Wall

Concrete partition wall

Second in the list is concrete partition wall. These types of walls are cast monolithically with all the intermediate columns in order to be rigid and secure both along its length and height.

These are generally 10 cm thick. Reinforcement may be or may not be provided depending on the contractor. If provided, mild steel bars are set in the middle of the wall thickness. Concrete mix generally adopted in the job is M15 (1:2:4).

Concrete Partition Wall
Concrete Partition Wall

Hollow partition wall

Third in the list is hollow partition wall. Hollow blocks which are molded out of clay, terracotta or concrete are commonly employed for the construction of partition walls.

Such partitions are light, rigid, economical, powerful and fire resistant. They have great sound insulating properties. The thickness of this sort of partition wall varies between 6 cm to 15 cm. These walls are built in a similar fashion as brick walls.

Hollow Partition Wall
Hollow Partition Wall

Glass partition

Fourth in the list is glass partition. These are being made out of sheet glass fixed in its place with the help of steel profile all around the glass which in turn is fixed to the walls and the floor.

Glass partitions are inexpensive, light, and simple in construction and provide reasonable privacy and noise insulation. The expense of maintenance of these partitions is far more as the glass is liable to break when struck hard by anything.

With the introduction of reinforced glass sheets, this threat is significantly minimized. Three-ply glass and armor plate glass are a few of the varieties of sheet glass.

Glass Partition Walls
Glass Partition Walls

Block Board/Plywood partition

Last in the list is blockboard/plywood partition. This sort of partition is becoming popular nowadays as it is lightweight, cheap, durable, and strong.

This type of partition is not permanent in nature and need to be replaced at time intervals. However, blockboard is more suitable for use as a partition wall.

They are painted from outside to protect them from termites. These are not fireproof and hence care should be taken.

Block Board Partition Walls
Block Board Partition Walls

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