Different Types of Stairs used in Residential & Commercial Buildings

We all come across different types of stairs in different homes. But have you ever thought how many different types of stairs are used in construction and what is their classification?

If you haven’t thought about it, then this article is written for you. After reading the whole article you will be able to distinguish between Different Types of Stairs.

What is a Stair?

A stair is a set of steps leading from one floor of a building to the next, typically inside the building. The enclosure or room of this building, in which the stair is situated is called staircase.

The opening or area occupied by the stair is referred to as a stairway. Stairs are categorized into different types based on their shape and form.

Different types of Stairs according to the shape are:-

  • Straight Stairs,
  • Turning Stairs and
  • Continuous stairs

Ordinarily, for smaller homes, available width is quite less. So, Straight Stairs are used.


Straight Stairs

First on the list is Straight Stairs. These Stairs run straight between 2 floors. These Stairs could consist of either one single flight or more than one flight with landings.

Straight stairs can be classified into different types:-

  • Straight Stairs
  • Straight Stairs with intermediate landing
Different Types of Straight Stairs
Different Types of Straight Stairs

Turning stairs

Second in the list is Turning Stairs. Stairs which is not straight and turns at an angle up to 360 degrees are known as Turning Stairs.

But don’t confuse it with circular or spiral stairs. There is a huge difference between them which you will understand after looking at their pictures.

Turning Stairs can be classified into different types:-

  • Quarter Turn Stairs,
  • Geometrical Quarter Turn Stairs,
  • Half Turn Stairs or Dog-Legged Stairs,
  • Geometrical Half Turn Stairs,
  • Open-Well Stairs and,
  • Split Stairs

Quarter Turn Stairs are the types of turning stairs which turn at an angle of 90 degrees at a point in between the length of the stairs but normally this turning is given at the midpoint.

quarter turn stairs
quarter turn stairs

Geometrical Quater Turn Stairs are the types of turning stair which turn at 90 degrees geometrically and this turning is spread across the whole length of the stair.

geometrical quarter turn stairs
geometrical quarter turn stairs

Half Turn Stairs or Dog-Legged Stairs are the types of turning stairs which turn at an angle of 360 degrees. Generally, this turning is given at the mid-point.

A landing is provided in the middle for taking U-Turn.

half turn stairs
half turn stairs

Geometrical Half Turn Stairs are the types of turning stairs which turn at an angle of 360 degrees geometrically. This geometrical turning is provided on the mid-landing.

geometrical half turn stairs
geometrical half turn stairs

Open Well Stairs are similar to Half Turn Stairs in design but the only difference between them is the landing which is provided in the middle is of larger length than Half Turn Stairs.

Due to which a gap is created in the middle and hence it was named as Open Well Stairs.

open well stairs
open well stairs

Split Stairs are generally utilized in public building in their entry hall. This includes a wider flight in the bottom, which splits into two slimmer flights, one turning to the left along with other to the right, at landing.

split stairs
split stairs

Continuous Stairs

Third in the list is Continuous Stairs. These types of stairs do not possess any landing between the length of the stair.

They are geometric in form and they are generally made of metal or RCC.

Continuous Stairs can be classified into different types:-

  • Circular Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Helical Stairs

Stairs which form a circular shape are known as circular stairs. Circular stairs are set in a location where there are space limitations.

Sometimes these are constructed for emergency purpose only.

You will not see these types of stairs because they are not comfortable to climb and hence people don’t use it often in their houses or offices.

circular stairs
circular stairs

Circular and Spiral Stairs looks similar but they differ as Spiral staircases wind around a central pole and Circular staircases do not and have a gap down the middle: these typically have two handrails.

Spiral Stairs
Spiral Stairs

Helix Staircase is neither had central pole nor have handrails support. They are supported by RCC inside the staircase structure.

A helical staircase attracts a person’s eye but in reality, it is very difficult to construct these types of stairs. It is constructed from R.C.C in which a large portion of steel is required to resist bending, shear and torsion.

helical stairs
helical stairs

Infographic on Different types of Stairs

Infographic on different types of stairs
Infographic on different types of stairs

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