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Hello India! My name is Joshua Clark, writing from Southern California on behalf of Enviro Safety Products, one of the top-rated safety sites in the USA. Atul has been so kind as to allow me to write a guest post for Construction Tips on the topic of high-visibility clothing or, as we call it in the States, “hi-viz.”

Hi-viz clothing has experienced something of a boom in recent years, and it’s hard if not impossible to drive past a construction zone without being greeted by neon shades of green and orange.

high visibility clothes
high visibility clothes

Fall In Love With hi-viz

Looking at images of sites in India, it looks like many workers wear hi-viz vests, but just as many seem to show up and work in whatever they happen to be wearing that day. A lot of people wear drab earth-tone fabrics that blend into the background, which will inevitably make accidents more likely.

In the most extreme case, I saw a line of men wearing company-issued uniforms that were almost the same shade as the building they were working on! In dangerous situations where equipment is moving large objects, it’s important to know where everybody is.

If you’re operating a lift or a crane and are struggling to tell where workers’ bodies end and the environment begins, that’s a problem. Hi-viz may be ugly, but it gives the eyeless work to do by placing bodies very clearly in physical space.

The Ultimate Deal On hi-viz

You can choose from 100’s of Enviro’s hi-viz product. It’s not often that we ship overseas, but it is possible. We also offer a special deal for companies where we will actually screen-print your company logo onto the hi-viz vests. That way they won’t just serve a safety function, but also act as advertising space for your company!

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This post is written by Josh Clark who works as an SEO Specialist at Enviro Safety Products. They offer over 20,000 Safety Products on their website.


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