7 Low-Cost House Construction Techniques in India [with Infographic]

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If you are constructing a brand new house or planning to construct your own house in near future. Then, these 7 low-cost house construction techniques will help you cut down the House Construction Cost in India.

After reading this article, you will be able to choose the Best Techniques to Reduce the House Construction Cost.

Hiring a Contractor for all works can reduce the hassle but can increase the cost.

In case you don’t have time to read the whole article, just go through the Infographic.

Choosing the Perfect Plot

The depth or height of the plot with respect to the road is one of the most significant factors throughout construction. If the height or depth of the plot is way not up to the road level on the front, then the higher amount of filling is required.

Moreover, which is going to be the additional burden and hence increasing the overall House Construction Cost, therefore, opt for a plot that is neither too high nor too low compared to the height or depth of the road which will reduce the house construction cost to some level.

Go with the Perfect Design

If you’re going for a structure of 2 or additional floors, I’d strictly recommend you to not hunt for a less expensive Design possibility. A knowledgeable designer can assist you to save on the prices by optimizing the design of the building and not over/under planning it.

A good designer helps you throughout the construction to save prices on materials and other works. Designing your house with the help of a professional ensures that your house would require less maintenance in the future.

Have a floor plan/layout that is square/rectangular formed (having lower perimeter). Square/rectangular formed floor plans typically consume lesser materials (20-40%).

Construction Materials are the Key

Take quotes from the different sellers and then choose the one with the reasonable prices for different construction materials which will help in lowering the cost further.

You can also take quotes from online construction materials selling websites like msupply.com or brick2wall.com.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding House Construction:-

Whatever be the case, but don’t ever compromise with the quality of construction material for low cost.

You can also go for eco-friendly construction materials like fly ash bricks.

Play with the Doors

Avoid wooden door frames. Instead, opt for RCC door frames which might reduce the cost for Door framing. Use PVC doors for bathrooms and wet areas.

Get Ready for the Electricals

Go for branded wires for House wiring as it may reduce the recurring cost of repairing. You may save by selecting native build switches and sockets. Go for the fittings which are economical for you and which requires less maintenance.

Be Choosy with Sanitarywares

Go for the One Piece WC if you don’t want any repair or water leakage but its cost is higher with respect to the Two Piece WC and Indian Seat. However, Indian seat is the most economical option.

If you are having a problem in choosing sanitary ware brand then you can refer to my guide here –> Which is the Best Sanitary Ware Brand in India for Bathroom?

Get to Know the Contractors

Ask your relatives and neighbours about the best and budget-friendly contractors in your area. A resource full team can assist you to save time and guarantee quality at an economical price and hence can reduce the house construction cost.

On the other hand, an inexperienced contractor could quote low at the start, however, can turn out to be pricey once you are going to be outlay on rectifications and maintenance.

GFRG Panels are the Future

Glass fibre reinforced gypsum is an Australian technology which can reduce house construction cost to 20-30%. Australian’s have been using this technology since the 1990’s only as walls.

Researchers from IIT Madras have found out that this technology can be used for all structural elements such as walls, floors, and roofs in a building. Use of GFRG Panels can significantly reduce the house construction cost.

You can Read more about GFRG Panels Here –> GFRG Panels Construction in India

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