7 Low-Cost House Construction Techniques in India

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House is one of the most essentials of human beings. Building and living in own house is the dream for millions of people in India.

But we find that the cost of constructing a house is going beyond the reach of the common man due to many different factors.


It turned out that, you can drastically reduce the cost of house construction if you have knowledge of some of the best low-cost house construction techniques in India.

By spending some time and doing the research both online and offline you can easily find several techniques that will not only save you a lot of money as well as help you complete your construction within the budget you have for your new home.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 low-cost house construction techniques in India that will help build a low-cost house in India.

By following these techniques in India you can save a considerable amount of money and complete your construction by drastically reducing the cost of construction.

Let’s get started:

Choose the Perfect Plot

Your house will be as good as the plot you are building on and hence you must select the right plot for your house.

  • Select the plot that is near to public transport areas. Select the ones that have clear access to your house.
  • If the house plot does not have an access road to it, then you might have to spend additional money to create the required access to your home and this will be an added cost for your construction.

While selecting the plot also take into consideration the availability of utility services like municipal water supply, electricity, gas connection, drainage facilities, garbage disposal, etc.

  • These are very vital for your living in the house and hence see if they are available near the plot. If they are not available then you need to create most of them by incurring additional costs.
  • Water supply is very essential for your house and if there is no adequate water supply available in your plot, then you need to buy the water for construction which will add a very considerable amount of money to your construction.
  • Likewise, see if there are natural drainage facilities available for the plot. If there is no drainage facility available then you may have to create drainage facilities by incurring more expenses adding to your construction cost.

The plot must be square or rectangle in size so that you can make use of the entire area of the plot to build your house.

  • Choosing a square or rectangle-shaped plot will help you build your house as you want on a good shaped smaller plot helping you to save on the land cost
  • Floor Space Index is a norm that is enforced by all the local bodies while granting permission to build a house on a plot. This specifies what will be the maximum size of construction you can do in a plot and it is given in percentage. Hence always select the plot that gives a larger FSI percentage.

Select the plot that has no steep slopes or other natural anomalies that have to be corrected before commencing the construction.

  • In such plots, you need not do costly surface corrections that will add to your construction cost.

Take into account the level of the plot concerning the plots on all sides.

  • Take note of the level of the plot with the level of the abutting road.
  • If the plot level is lower than the road then you have to bring in soil to fill the plot to raise its level and increase its height to at least 2 to 3 feet above the road surface.
  • This will involve spending a lot of money and hence select the plot that has the right level with the road.

Laying the foundation for the house is one of the main expense items while doing your house construction.

Select the plot with a stable sub-soil structure.

  • Always do soil testing to determine the stability of the soil and plan your foundation based on the report.
  • If you want to save money on laying on an elaborate foundation, then you have to select the plot that has a stable and hard soil structure.

Go with the Perfect Design

  • Your new construction must be based on a good plan and a well-laid outbuilding design.
  • You should never attempt to commence your construction without a plan and design.
  • The building plan must be the basis for your construction and hence it must be prepared by well experienced Civil Engineer or an Architect so that the plan covers every aspect of your house construction. 
  • Before going for the building plan find out all that you want for in your home, and do your research and find the latest trends in construction, and building designs.
  • Take into account your current requirements and include your future changes and growth in your family and the additional requirements that may be necessary for you to continue living in your home.
  • Communicate everything to your Engineer or the Architect and discuss with them thoroughly and make them understand your requirements. This will help them understand your basic requirements and help them come out with the best possible building plan for your house.
  • Once the plan is finalized freeze all the changes to your house unless it is necessary. Build according to the plan and do not make alterations to the original plan or design midway as it will cause loss of material and labor. This wastage will add to the cost of the construction.
  • When you are planning for a structure of more than 2 floors give importance to the building design and work based on an optimized design that perfectly matches your requirements without over/under planning. 
  • When your construction is handled by an experienced professional he will be able to procure the materials at best prices and help with your low-cost house construction.
  • Apart from this, design your floor plan in a rectangular or square form so that it has a lesser perimeter and consumes up to 20 to 30 % lesser building materials.

Construction Materials are the Key

Infographic on different Building Materials used in Construction

In any construction, the building materials are the main item of expenditure in the overall cost of the building. Therefore, you should take all possible steps to bring down the cost of the materials.

For this,

  • You will have to find and buy from the genuine traders of repute
  • Select only standardized products from well-established brands to assure high-quality products that give better service and a long lifetime. 
  • Take as many quotes for the materials from the dealers in your local area, as well from online websites such as buildersmart.com, materialtree.com, or propproperty.com.
  • Decide on the best one not only based on the price but also the basis of the quality of the materials. 
  • Plan and buy in bulk and get them at discounted prices and save more on the transport of these materials to your construction site.

Also, check out my article on the topic –> Different Building Materials used in Construction Works, to learn more about the various construction materials used during the construction.

Choose RCC Door Frames & PVC Doors for Bathrooms

A major part of the construction cost is spent on doors and windows.

With the advancement in construction technology now we can save a considerable amount by using RCC door frames instead of conventional wood door frames. 

Conventional wooden frames are very expensive and need more labor and other fixtures that add to the cost of the construction.

As a way of achieving low-cost house construction, you can use readymade RCC Door frames and save a lot of money. These prefabricated structures add to the strength of your doorways besides reducing the cost.

Another way of reducing the construction cost is to use factory-made flush doors for internal rooms as well as by using PVC doors for your bathrooms.

These are very economical to use and come with different shapes and designs that will enhance the look of the house.

Choose Branded Electrical Wires & Native Build Switches & Sockets

The electrical and plumbing work is very vital for comfortable living in the new house. You need to find the right types of electrical wiring and energy star rated electrical equipment for your house:

  • Always go for branded electrical wires so that they last longer and give your trouble-free service for a long time. 
  • Similarly, select high-quality switches and sockets that add to the look of your house as well as give long service. Focus more on the quality of the product and that requires less maintenance during their lifetime.
  • By carefully selecting the right products and procuring them from a reliable single source in bulk you can get the best pricing and save a lot of money.

This is one of the best low-cost house construction techniques you can follow and bring down the cost of construction easily.

Choose Economical Sanitary Wares

Different Types of WC

Sanitary ware and bathroom fittings need a large amount of money and by selecting the right types of these you can save money.

Plan and decide the types of sanitary ware you want in your home. Select the best dealers and source all the required items in one big purchase and you can bargain and get your products all at discounted prices.

To select the right sanitary ware and make this a way of achieving low-cost house construction you can refer to my earlier article on Which is the Best Sanitary Ware Brand in India for Bathroom?

Engage A Reliable & Experienced Contractor

know your contractor

A good contractor is necessary for the successful completion of your home in all the ways you want. Pay more attention and care while selecting your contractor:

  • Get inputs from all possible sources before selecting your contractor and this is necessary for a pleasant construction experience.
  • Give preference to a contractor who is in the house construction industry for a long time.
  • Visit the earlier projects of the contractor and enquire with house owners and know about the contractor and his way of working. 
  • Prefer the one that has his team of workmen for all the works than a person who engages sub-contractors to complete the work.

This way you can easily reduce the cost of your house construction.

GFRG Panels are the Future

GFRG Panels Construction

The Glass fiber reinforced gypsum is an Australian technology and this material is revolutionizing the construction industry. Use GFRG Panels in your construction and this will give enormous savings in your construction. 

The GFRG panels drastically reduce the labor cost, material cost and help to complete the building work in half the time. This gives you at least 20 to 30% savings in the overall cost of the construction.


Researchers from IIT Madras have found out that this technology can be used for all structural elements such as walls, floors, and roofs in a building.

Below is a video from the Department of Civil Engineering of IIT Madras showcasing Rapid Affordable Mass Housing Using GFRG Wall Panels:

The use of GFRG Panels can significantly reduce house construction costs. You can read more about it in my blog post –> Everything You Need to Know About GFRG Panels

Thus, by following the above tips you can achieve low-cost house construction in India and complete your home within the budget amount and live in your new home with the satisfaction that you have utilized all the low-cost house construction techniques to complete your home as you wanted.

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