All You Need to Know about Sanitary Wares

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It is very necessary to understand the Sanitary Wares before purchasing them for your home. Sanitary Ware products include Bath & Shower products, Faucets, Water Closets, and Wash Basins.

This guide has all the information required to understand various sanitary wares and their functions in the home.

Moreover, you will be able to decide which one you should buy for your own house.

So, let’s start with Bath & Shower Products and understand them one by one.

Bath & Shower Products

Bath & Shower products include:-

i) Bathtub

ii) Shower Panel

Let’s understand them one by one:-


A bathtub is a fixture which holds the water for bathing purpose. It is normally rectangle or curved in shape but square shaped bathtubs are also available.

Bathtubs can be made of different materials such as:-

  • Fibreglass
  • Porcelain-enamelled Steel
  • Enamel-Coated Cast Iron
  • Acrylic

Bathtubs are also classified into different categories such as:-

  • Standard Bathtubs
  • Claw-Footed Bathtubs
  • Freestanding Bathtubs
  • Soaking Bathtubs
  • Whirlpool Bathtubs
  • Walk-in Bathtubs
Different Types of Bathtubs
Different Types of Bathtubs

So, how to choose a bathtub for your bathroom:-

  • Fibreglass material Bathtubs are the cheapest bathtubs you can buy but it is not as much durable in comparison to other materials.
  • Porcelain-enamelled Steel Bathtubs are cheap and durable and easy to clean.
  • Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Bathtubs are the heaviest and most durable. It is advisable to use only on ground floors due to its heavy weight.
  • Acrylic Bathtubs are the most lightweight bathtubs and it is a mid-range product. It is the most popular material for bathtubs as it can be moulded into various shapes.
  • Standard Bathtubs are the most widely used bathtubs due to its simplicity and low cost.
  • Claw-Footed Bathtubs are traditional looking bathtubs and are costlier. They give a very pleasing look & feel.
  • Free Standing Bathtubs are not surrounded by cabinets. They are self-supported and can be encased with custom built panels. They give luxurious look to the bathroom.
  • Soaking Bathtubs are deeper and wider than conventional bathtubs to accommodate more than one person.
  • Whirlpool bathtubs have water jets installed in them to give relaxed and comfortable feeling to the user.
  • Walk-in Bathtubs are made for elderly persons or a person with some sort of physical problem. They are provided with walk-in & walk-out door, built-in seat, and grab-bar for safety purpose.

Shower Panel

Shower Panel is a panel mounted on the wall which is fixed with all the important things required for bathing purposes such as Shower Head (Rain & Overhead), Spout, Diverter, Thermostat (Temperature) Controller, Hand Shower and Body Sprays.

Moreover, it can be classified into different categories such as:-

  • Shower Panel with Display
  • Shower Panel without Display
Different Types of Shower Panel
Different Types of Shower Panel

So, how to choose Shower Panels for your bathroom:-

  • Choose according to your budget. Shower Panel with the display is costlier than Shower Panel without the Display.
  • Go for the Shower Panel having Rain Shower rather than Overhead Shower.
  • Watch out the for the pattern of Body Sprays.


A Faucet is a Plumbing Device which delivers water from the pipes.

However, faucets can be of different types such as:-

  • Bib Cock
  • Pillar Cock
  • Stop Cock
  • Spout
  • Diverter
  • Shower Mixer
  • Shower Head
  • Body Sprays
  • Hand Shower
  • Basin Mixer

Now I will explain you all the different types of faucets used in houses by using an infographic shown below:

Different Types of Faucets
Different Types of Faucets

So, how to choose faucets for your bathroom:-

  • Faucets having lever handle have more life.
  • Branded faucets come with a very long time warranty which can ensure a replacement in case of any faulty product.
  • Choose two-way bib cock if you want two opening in one connection.
  • Rain showers give a more pleasing look to the bathroom but costs higher.
  • Pillar cock with swan neck is more popular for use in the bathroom.

Water Closet

Water Closet is a device which safely transfers the human waste into the sewer lines. It also prevents the harmful gases from coming back into the bathroom from sewers.

Moreover, water closets can be classified into different types such as:-

  • One-Piece WC
  • Two-Piece WC
  • Wall-Hung WC
  • European WC
  • Electronic WC
  • Squatting Pan

S0, let’s try to understand them with the help of Infographic:-

Different Types of WC
Different Types of WC

One-Piece WC is precast as a one whole product combining Bowl & Cistern. In Two-Piece WC Bowl and Cistern are cast differently and then attached with one another. In European WC Bowl & Cistern are connected with the help of a pipe.

Wall-Hung WC is fitted in the wall with the help of screws and the cistern is fitted inside the wall. Electronic WC operates electronically and it offers much more function than a simple WC. And, the last but not the least is Squatting Pan which is most widely used WC in Indian Houses and it is fitted inside the floor of the toilet.

So, how to choose Water Closet for your Bathroom:-

  • Prices in Order – Electronic WC > Wall Hung WC > One-Piece WC > Two-Piece WC > European WC > Squatting Pan.
  • If you are concerned about space, then you should choose Wall-Hung WC or One-Piece WC which is very compact.
  • In another case, if you are concerned about the budget then European WC or Squatting Pan is the best option for you.
  • If comfortability is all you want then go for Electronic WC.

Wash Basin

Wash Basin are the fixtures which provide space for cleaning your hands and face. However, wash basins can be classified into different categories such as:-

  • Integrated-Pedestal Wash Basins
  • Full-Pedestal Wash Basins
  • Half-Pedestal Wash Basins
  • Wall-Hung Wash Basins
  • Corner Wash Basins
  • Vanity-Top/Table Top/Cabinet Top Wash Basins
  • Counter Wash Basins (Over Counter & Under Counter Wash Basins)

In addition to this, wash basin can also be made of different materials and are classified as:-

  • Ceramic Wash Basin
  • Acrylic Wash Basin
  • Stainless Steel Wash Basin
Different Types of Wash Basin
Different Types of Wash Basin

So, how do you buy a Wash Basin for your bathroom:-

  • If your bathroom has a lot of space then go for Integrated-Pedestal or Full-Pedestal Wash Basin.
  • In another case, if space is your concern then go for Corner or Wall-Hung or Half-Pedestal Wash Basin.
  • If you have a cabinet in your toilet then Table-Top or Counter Wash Basins are a most suitable choice.
  • Price in Order – Integrated-Pedestal > Half Pedestal > Full Pedestal = Wall Hung = Table Top = Counter > Corner Wash Basin.

Now, we understood that what are sanitary wares and their roles in our bathroom. Let us now conclude this article with the list of best Sanitary ware Brands.

Best Sanitary Ware Brands in India

Here is the list of Best Sanitary Ware Brands in India:-

  • Cera
  • Hindware
  • Jaquar
  • Parryware
  • Kohler
  • Duravit
  • Kerovit by Kajaria
  • TOTO

Do Let us know Which Sanitary Ware Brands you like the most. Let me know if I have forgotten any good sanitary ware brand in India in the comment section below. And Do not forget to share this article with your friends & Followers.

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